TiPicall: Private SIP – what it is and why you need it

Private SIP is a service provided by data providers who have directly connected to SIP carriers. This means they can control the quality from end to end using a Virtual LAN (VLAN). The data provider splits the voice, prioritises it and allows the network to put Quality of Service (QoS) on the calls. It is as close to plugging the clients system into the carrier network as you can get.

The benefits are significant, the voice can be added into the data connection thus providing a cost saving, there are SLA’s on all elements of the service. The voice is backed up with redundancy and QoS and the network is secure.

tIPicall, the UK Distributor for Tata communications for SIP has seen a significant requirement for this type of service and via their partnerships with Exponential-e and Virtual1 they provide private SIP across the UK on EFM and fibre circuits. tIPicall also provide private SIP abroad through these relationships.

As SIP develops as a product it is now widely accepted as the way forward. Voice clients are searching for secure and stable ways to make use of this technology. The use of the public internet has its issues when it comes to SIP and the call quality is dependent on your ISP, the available bandwidth and how they connect to the wider world and more importantly how they connect to the SIP carrier.

Neil Linter MD of tIPicall says, “You need to take into consideration that the lower quality the connection, the more contended it is and the further away from your source carrier the more likely it is that the call quality will drop. Most of the basics of using the internet are obvious, don’t put 50 calls over ADSL, use EFM and Ethernet where possible, however, there is a much better way and that is by using Private SIP.

Private SIP is the future for companies who want that extra level of service and resilience, and this is proving to be a determining factor for our partners and we believe this is what differentiates us from many of the suppliers in the UK for SIP, we are very excited about this development and are looking forward to its growth over the next few years.”

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