tIPicall Supports Resellers with Juniper Partnership

tIPicall has chosen Juniper Bridge to offer a outsourced support option to its reseller base.

The agreement allows tIPicall’s reseller base to leverage the expertise of Juniper Bridge as a white-labelled extension of their own support department fully trained in managing tIPicall’s array of next generation telecoms services.

As Juniper Bridge operates 24x7x365, Resellers will be able to choose their own support package with them offering peak or off peak hours as required. Juniper Bridge have access into tIPicall’s core support systems and will offer a highly knowledgeable support function far removed from other out-of-hours phone answering services.

Guy Miller, Managing Director of tIPicall commented “This is great news for our partners who want to win bigger accounts and differentiate themselves from their competitors. It offers a cost-effective way to move to 24×7 support and is of particular interest to IT companies entering the telecoms space who perhaps don’t want to invest day 1 in hiring two telecoms engineers. Juniper Bridge can do the work for them until they build up a critical mass of clients that pays for their new hires”

Steve Larkin, Managing Director of Juniper Bridge said “As Juniper Bridge continues to expand; we are always looking at ways to make it easier for clients to work with us. This opportunity with tIPicall meant that we knew a real investment in training and knowledge transfer at the start would pay dividends as multiple clients will be using the same platform. More knowledge for us means better service for our clients, something we always strive for”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine