Titan Telecom in Partner Sign Up Campaign

Titan Telecom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Utilities PLC, say new channel partners are signing up at a rate of one every three working days.

“I’m very pleased with the interest potential partners are showing. We’ve launched Titan Telecom as the easiest-to-sell telecommunication product available, and these initial partners are reaping the benefit of being the first to market with our offering,” said Alex Heslip, Head of Sales, Titan Telecom Ltd.

Titan Telecom Limited provides small businesses with a low-cost telecom service, saving, they claim, 48% on a typical customer spending £500 with BT on Standard Business rates. They have recently added a business broadband offering costing just £14.99 per month for connection speeds up to 8Mbps.

Customers have a 30-day no-obligation trial period, a one-year contract and a telecom price guarantee – not to be beaten on a like-for-like basis – and the price will be fixed for the period of the contract – good news as inflation surpasses 5%.

“It’s an easy-to-sell, easy-to-understand and easy-to-benefit-from offering from a company with a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. Our current partners have been pleasantly surprised with the level of information we provide them regarding their deals, our highly informative sales interface provides them with full visibility of what is happening with each customer they sign up from start to finish,” said Heslip.

He continued, “All provisioning and subsequent communications with BT regarding customer services is handled via WLR3, making Titan Telecom the first telecom provider to operate solely on this state of the art system. This also allows us to provide partners with up to date information regarding each deal submitted.”

Titan Telecom is a subsidiary of Universal Utilities which also owns telecommunications provider Unicom.

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