Toshiba Launches Network eManager for Strata CIX

Toshiba has announced availability of Network eManager, a new administration application for Strata CIX systems. The tool is capable of managing multiple installations of Strata CIX systems from a single interface, ensuring efficient configuration of networked systems such as those in different geographical sites.

A web-based application, Network eManager allows Toshiba approved engineers to carry out backup and software configurations to multiple Strata CIX systems across a Wide Area Network (WAN). This helps partners to maintain customer data, and guarantee Strata CIX systems are all running the latest software releases.

“Toshiba always strives to ensure its communication platforms are as easy to configure and maintain as possible,” said Tim Webb, general manager at Toshiba’s Business Communications Division (BCD). “Aside from allowing customers to manage certain aspects of the solution themselves, this new tool also means partners can maximise the revenue that they receive from maintenance contracts, minimising the time spent managing systems.”

Network eManager features an improved and more intuitive set of commands and menu options, improving the user experience. By giving engineers a secure, stable and reliable tool to manage multiple, networked sites remotely, it also allows the amount of travel between sites and branch offices to be reduced. As well as lowering operational costs, carbon footprints can be lowered in line with company targets.

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