Transatel Awarded ‘Best MVNA’

Transatel Solutions is proud to have been awarded the accolade of Best MVNA for a 2nd Year in a row at the MVNO World Congress in Berlin. The MVNO World Congress highlights the MVNO industry and rewards the most innovative players in the sector in 6 categories, including Best MVNA, during the MVNO Awards ceremony.

Last year, Transatel already distinguished itself as winner of the same award in recognition of its ability to launch new MVNOs and M2M players with rapid time-to-market and low entry costs, addressing the needs of companies of all sizes in collaboration with its MNO partners in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Belgium.
MVNAs as a foundation for the success of MVNOs:

More than 1,200 MVNOs are currently operational across the world, and that number is expected to double between now and 2015 to reach more than 186 million subscribers. MVNOs are real forces for innovation in the global telecom market as they are able to address niche markets which would otherwise be underserved by large MNOs Thanks to a regulatory conditions which are more and more favourable to MVNOs, it is now easier than ever for new players to enter the market but despite this, it is still a real challenge to make MVNOs sustainable. According to Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO, “MVNO aggregators (MVNAs) have become a key part of the success of MVNOs. We help them by bringing together the flexibility and rapidity needed to launch competitive and innovative new offers and services which meet the needs of their users.”

As an MVNO aggregator (MVNA), Transatel has helped many companies in the UK and internationally to launch their MVNOs and develop their networks. As Jacques Bonifay said, “As an MVNA, MVNE, and M2M enabler, Transatel has already contributed to the successful launch of more than 150 MVNOs across Europe in the last 10 years. As a result of this, we currently manage more than 650,000 active subscribers on our platform and we are proud to have been recognised once again for our efforts by our peers at the MVNO World Congress.”

For companies wishing to become MVNOs, Transatel offers a one-stop-shop for all MVNO requirements in their go-to-market strategy, including airtime procurement, provisioning tools, customisation tools to enhance branding, full real-time prepaid billing capability, CDR generation and post-paid billing services, as well as web tools to enable customer care at a fraction of the cost of bespoke CRM systems. It has also integrated into various top up platforms (web shop or retail platforms) to enable maximum market penetration. All this can be available for at low cost, and in just a matter of weeks on the MVNA model.

Philippe Vigneau, VP Business Development MVNA at Transatel said “I would like to thank the whole Transatel team for the work they have put in to contribute to the best in class quality of service offer our clients.
Thanks to our MVNA business model, it has never been easier for companies of any size to become an MVNO, and this award represents real recognition of our commitment to being the leader on this market. I am also proud that Transatel was the only candidate to be nominated in both the Best MVNE and Best MVNA categories, for the second year in a row.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine