Trapeze adds VOIP & More to Version 5 Wireless

Trapeze Networks has announced the release of the latest version of its Trapeze Mobility System Software 5.0. As WLAN infrastructure matures Trapeze say customers are demanding increased functionality from their wireless networks such as advanced security, voice, management, and location solutions. In response, Trapeze has worked with core customers and partners to develop and deliver leading mobile applications to satisfy customers’ current and emerging business needs within these areas.

According to a recent Gartner report, security remains the primary requirement for customers looking to deploy mobile applications. With Trapeze Mobility System 5.0, Trapeze Networks now offers the most complete wireless security solution available in the market. This new release builds on existing core security capabilities embracing 802.1X standards, which Trapeze pioneered in its first release in July 2003. Furthermore, Trapeze Mobility System 5.0 extends security capabilities with the inclusion of industry-leading intrusion detection services (IDS) and intrusion prevention services (IPS).

Amid the rapid adoption of VoIP technology, customers are becoming increasingly interested in extending VoIP over WLANs (VoWLAN). Building on voice capabilities available in prior versions, Trapeze Mobility System 5.0 delivers the industry’s first and only industry standards-based toll-quality voice solution. With this release, Trapeze has overcome key limitations that previously hampered widespread enterprise adoption of voice over WLAN, including limited talk time and inadequate quality of service.

“With our 5.0 release, Trapeze continues to steer clear of the proprietary approaches taken by companies such as Cisco,” said Dan Simone, vice president and chief technical officer for Trapeze. “Adhering to industry standards is the only way to deliver real choice in the marketplace and drive widespread adoption of voice-over-wireless technology, which we believe is what today’s customers are demanding.”

Trapeze say their Mobility System 5.0 solves the challenge of limited talk time by implementing the Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery (U-APSD) protocol—a component of the IEEE 802.11e standard—which dramatically extends the talk time of battery-powered WiFi phones. The new release also implements a number of standards and features to deliver true toll-quality voice, adding to previously supported QoS standards such as Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) as well as SpectraLink Voice Priority (SVP). Further extending support of the 802.11e standard, Trapeze Mobility System 5.0 implements the Traffic Specification (TSPEC) protocol, which helps ensure continuous service as users roam across the WLAN, by controlling bandwidth available for voice calls and balancing voice and data traffic.

Version 5.0 adds more in the way of Real-time Location Services, the ability to track and locate high value assets in real time is a critical requirement for many customers, particularly in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, where delays can be costly or even life threatening. These customers are actively looking to leverage existing and future WLAN investments to provide location services, rather than deploying expensive, standalone location systems. In response, Trapeze is partnering with location technology leaders to deliver an integrated location solution that meets enterprise requirements for scalability and deployability at the lowest cost of ownership.

Commenting on the new release, Karen Parrott, CET Business Development Manager at Trapeze UK distributor Crane Telecommunications said, “As the leading value added distributor for convergence and IP telephony solutions, having Trapeze in our portfolio allows our resellers to sell Voice over Wireless with confidence. In the past solutions could be fraught with poor quality of voice and intermittent coverage caused by badly designed wireless networks. Now with Trapeze RingMaster resellers can design a wireless network to provide both seamless and total coverage of their customers’ buildings.

With the new release Trapeze, though their integration with DaVitas – a provider of mobility software and appliances, it means we can provide the ability for handset users to roam freely between Wi-Fi and cellular networks without interrupting a call.”

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