Trend Communications Improves ADSL Tester

Trend Communications has announced significant product improvements to its hand held ADSL tester, model MC2+.

ADSL, which is the principal method used to connect broadband subscribers to the network, has been systematically improved over time to give faster rates, noise protection, error correction and other enhancements. Trend Communications now announces that the MC2+ tester is compliant with all the latest ADSL improvements up to ADSL2+.

The MC2+ is a simple and powerful tester that automatically tests all the network layers from the physical layer connection up to IP layers. It verifies the customer premises equipment (modem/router, PC), the link and connectivity to the network. MC2+ also tests the local loop copper pair pinpointing the customer’s premises, the distribution box or the street cabinet. In additional more detailed tests can be performed by connecting the tester to a PC.

The significant improvement incorporated in Trend’s new version of MC2+ covers compatibility with new systems providing protection from impulse noise. ADSL systems can be affected by impulse noise caused by pickup from electrical machinery, lightning and other sources. New ADSL systems correct noise induced corrupted data with a technique known as Impulse Noise Protection (INP). Any ADSL tester must be now be compatible with INP and the
MC2+ has been updated to be fully compatible.

A valuable feature of the MC2+ is that it can be programmed to connect to at least eight different service providers, each identified by its unique PVC – Permanent Virtual Circuit. A further improvement to the updated MC2+ is to report on the screen which of these programmed connections has been successful, thereby identifying the provider of the line that is being tested to aid in testing.

These improvements, and other software enhancements, can be simply added to an existing MC2+ tester by updating the software. All future shipments will be equipped with these significant improvements. Trend Communications has introduced 10 new products in the last year and has additionally shown its commitment to ongoing product improvements.

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