Trend Communications Launches New hand held VoIP Tester

Telephony using Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, has evolved over time and is now ready to be employed by telecoms companies as the primary transmission technology for voice over their networks. As a revenue earning service VoIP installations must perform correctly but until now there have been no dedicated field testers to verify performance.

Responding to industry demands Trend Communications now introduces the first low cost, hand-held, wired and wireless VoIP tester, the Trend Unipro VoIP. This small, light and portable instrument measures voice and also data transmission quality. The tester has both Ethernet and WiFi interfaces to provide connection to both wired and wireless networks and SIP based VoIP systems.

Voice quality tests are determined using objective ratings such as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and R-Factor. Additionally jitter, delay and loss metrics are recorded and decoded SIP signalling is available for inspection.

Data tests include Ping and Traceroute as well as FTP and HTTP service testing for traditional IP based network connection testing.

The low cost of Unipro VoIP now enables every VoIP engineer to be supplied with a portable and comprehensive tester.

Ken Foan, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Trend announced at the launch, “Unipro VoIP is set to be the industry standard for VoIP installation and field maintenance.” He added, “Trend has an enviable reputation for innovative hand-held telecommunications test instruments. The company has led the way with a variety of technologies including ISDN, SDH and Gigabit Ethernet. With a track record such as this we are justifiably confident that VoIP testing will be another great success for the company.”

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