Tru ends roaming bill shock for Australian businesses

Tru, a mobile global network, has opened its doors for business in Australia. The mobile operator, already established in the UK and the US, offers businesses an end to high mobile roaming charges abroad, helping make international business easier.

Tru charges only local rates for calls, texts and data within its network: currently US, UK and Australia, with Hong Kong, Netherlands and Spain to follow soon – bringing an end to the pressure felt by 75% of Australian IT Directors [1] to cut mobile costs within their organisation. Tru provides bundles of European minutes and competitive roaming rates in a further 220 countries.

In an industry first, Tru offers local contact numbers for all or any Tru Countries on one SIM card, allowing contacts based in those countries to reach them without paying the cost of an international call. Previously, only dual IMSI SIMs (with two numbers) have been available on the market.

“The inflated roaming costs imposed by the big operators means that 70% of businesses are under pressure to reduce contact when abroad – with their customers losing out as a result,” said Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Tru.

“Tru allows businesses to stay in touch while making over 80% savings, without swapping SIM cards, juggling phones or operating complex dial back systems. Tru also makes doing international business easy: Contacts in the UK can always reach you on your UK number, and contacts in the US can reach you on your US number, wherever you are – without them ever paying the cost of an international call.”

Tru for Business offers customers four key benefits: Data, voice and text bundles which can be used across Tru’s Network providing over 80 per cent savings on published operator roaming rates; European voice bundles usable across 30 countries offering savings of over 70 per cent on calls between Europe and the rest of the Tru Network; Local numbers for any or all of the countries within the Tru Network, making it easy for contacts to stay in touch without footing international call charges; Low-cost international and roaming rates in over 220 countries: offering competitive savings over standard mobile operator charges.

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