Tru launches BlackBerry Solution for business customers

Tru, the global mobile network, has announced the launch of its BlackBerry solution for Tru business customers.

With this launch, Tru business customers will benefit from Tru’s global mobile packages that remove voice and data roaming charges in a growing number of countries across the globe, while enjoying the freedom and productivity benefits of using BlackBerry smartphones to stay connected.

In addition to offering customers local rates across the Tru Network, Tru’s GSM service offers local numbers for any or all of the countries in which Tru operates on one SIM card, allowing customers and contacts in the UK, USA and Australia to reach Tru customers without footing the bill for high international call charges.

Tru’s BlackBerry solution will provide relief to the half (48%) of business travellers who admitted¹ to checking email and browsing the internet less when abroad than they would at home to reduce costs. BlackBerry smartphones offer phone, email, messaging, organiser, web browser and multimedia applications, and access to a catalogue of third party applications though BlackBerry App World.

Tru customers will have the option to include either the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) or the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), or both, on their device.

BlackBerry service plans offered by Tru include: Data, voice and text bundles which can be used across Tru’s Network providing over 80% savings on published operator roaming rates; European voice bundles usable across 30 countries offering savings of between 30% and 60% on calls between Europe and the rest of the Tru Network
Unlimited free email access within the Tru Network; Local numbers for any or all of the countries within the Tru Network, making it easy for contacts to stay in touch without footing international call charges.

Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Tru, said: “BlackBerry smartphones are the most popular business devices available and we are thrilled to offer our customers the option to use Tru on their handset of choice. Our mission is to help businesses around the world to thrive, and remove the pain of high roaming charges costing businesses a fortune. With our business tariffs you can save over 80% within the Tru network, and between 30 and 60% when you also travel throughout 30 countries in Europe.”

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