Trunk-side Recording on Demand

Recording telephone calls on demand functionality is traditionally the domain of extension side recorders, however with the launch of the Storacall Euclid DR software package and AP tagging, record on demand is now available for trunk-side call recording. Storacall Euclid DR adds an extra dimension to call recording, which instead of simply providing blanket recording of all telephone calls across the enterprise, allows users to decide if and when they want to record calls. Users can choose via an array of options to record all their calls, the next or current call and then whether to save the call with notes or delete the call.

The client application notifies users of activity via XP balloon tips, very similar to MSN messenger and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 & Win XP Pro. Because the system is driven by underlying telephony events users are kept informed, but are not required to interact allowing them to continue working without hindrance from the application. The software provides auto login, fast access to the call recording search screen, deleting or saving of calls and the ability to attach notes to a call.

“Record current call” is an interesting addition, which allows users already in a call to ensure that the entire voice conversation is recorded by the recording system. Many conversations begin innocently, without the need to record. This functionality ensures that users can adapt and record their calls at any stage in the conversation, which is made possible because initially all calls are recorded, “unwanted” calls are deleted when the conversation has completed.

Euclid demand recording is useful for upper management, whose calls are not normally recorded, but who would like to be selective in when and whom they record. In addition in organisations where blanket recording is not required, Euclid DR can empower agents to record calls when they feel it is necessary due to the complexity or controversial nature of the conversation. In addition the feature can be activated by staff as required as a protection against abusive callers.

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