TT-Office sees Reduced Costs for Mobile Workforce

Newly created TT-Office, the provider of packaged solutions to businesses, based on TeleWare applications and THUS next-generation network solutions, has announced packaged voice solutions for flexible working.

TT-Office provides a ‘virtual’ number that enables calls to be delivered, instantly, to any phone, over any network, worldwide. The number will operate as a normal business number, delivering calls directly to the office and can be ‘pulled’ to an alternative location, including home and mobile phones, when required. All the features associated with a business telephone system can be retained, including information about who is calling, the ability to hold and transfer and the ability to record calls or use instant conferencing when needed.

Flexible working programmes are increasing. The UK now has 3.1 million home workers plus 8 million additional employees who regularly work from home 1 or 2 days of the week. This trend looks set to continue, driven by legislative changes, corporate social responsibility, staff welfare and an organisational desire for increased performance alongside cost reductions. Flexible working, whether home, office or mobile based, offers challenges to the business to support the users’ voice requirements.

“Legislative compliance has been a key driver of the increase in flexible working,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare plc. Aside from compliance, there are key performance related drivers that are motivating businesses towards delivering effective flexible working programmes. Opportunities for greater cost effectiveness and efficiency, such as savings on overheads when employees work from home or less downtime for machinery when shifts are implemented, plus a reduction in wasted commuting time, result in improved competitiveness through being able to react effectively to changing market conditions,” added Haworth.

Flexible working gives an organisation the ability to attract and retain a skilled and more diverse workforce, reducing recruitment costs. It can increase job satisfaction and improve staff morale and create greater continuity of personnel, as staff that might otherwise have left are, instead, offered hours that suit their personal requirements. An improved work/life balance has a positive impact on staff retention and on employee relations, motivation and commitment.

Without flexible work, TT Office claim each office employee requires a fully serviced desk costing from £5K to £20K; a flexible work programme will reduce the 1:1 planning metric.

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