TTR Hails “Flat Fee Recruitment as Tried, Tested and Proven!”

Gary Hammond, Director of Flat Fee Recruitment Company TTR ( says his company is the first and only, dedicated Telecoms VoIP, IT, Data and Mobile Phones and Technology Flat Fee Recruitment provider operating UK wide.

“With over 15 years’ industry experience and now a year on since the launch of our controversial, yet highly competitive recruitment service during a very tough recession, TTR’s Flat Fee Recruitment is tried, tested and proven, according to the following industry specialists who have used the service.”

Ian Roberts, Managing Director of Sheffield based On-Communications Ltd, “As a relatively small business I was a little sceptical about paying for upfront recruitment fees, even ones on the face of it that were good value if they paid off. I was persuaded against my better judgment to proceed (a fool and their money are soon parted rattled through my head as I sent the bank transfer) and I have to say TTR did me proud. A number of excellent candidates, two of whom we offered jobs. They were as good as their word and I will definitely use TTR again for our next round of recruitment.”

Sharron Massey, Director of Essex based reseller Actimax, commented, “We have just interviewed two Flat Fee Recruitment candidates from TTR and both were excellent candidates. We will be making an offer to one of them (Telecoms Account Manager). This has saved us over £5000 thanks to your Flat Fee Recruitment service at £895.”

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