TuneWiki energises mobile music experience with social music player

TuneWiki has announced that its new Social Music Player, launching now on the Android platform, offers the most expansive set of features ever seen in a mobile music player.

In its simplest form, users can enjoy the new player to listen to music while viewing synchronized lyrics. For those looking for deeper and more social engagement, TuneWiki also offers an extensive and immersive set of discovery features new to music services, including the ability to create a unique and personalized music profile that can be shared with their friends.

TuneWiki’s Social Music Player, with a completely redesigned user interface, continues to offer its award-winning feature for real-time, subtitled lyrics that are displayed while users listen to their music.

Lyrics are instantly translated into more than 40 languages, maintaining TuneWiki’s role as the global lyrics resource for music lovers. Users can still seamlessly connect to other streaming radio apps such as SHOUTcast, music videos, on-demand services, and TuneWiki’s best-selling music game, Lyric Legend.

Users can now also download the beta version of a new desktop application that provides synchronized lyrics and the ability to sync music from a desktop library to a mobile device.

Creating the ultimate destination for music discovery, the new Social Music Player allows TuneWiki users to view and sample songs that others are listening to around the world through Song Maps or by exploring the geo-specific Top 50 charts. Users can find their friends on their social network of choice, or discover and follow like-minded music fans through the Song Maps feature.

These friends or music fans then become a user’s ‘Muse,’ and the music that a Muse listens to is automatically deposited into a SongBox within the app that becomes the central location for song recommendations. As a user’s network of Muses grows, so will his or her ability to discover new music.

Additionally, users will have the unique ability to discover more music from their favorite or newly discovered artists by seeing not only the songs they own by these artists, but also the songs they don’t–with the opportunity to then immediately sample, purchase or view a music video for that song. The newly designed company website recreates the mobile experience on the web so users can watch music videos with lyrics, view their profile, find and follow Muses, and add or edit lyrics to songs.

“In today’s digital age, there are many different ways for people to enjoy music, and we want all of these users to have a place where they can come together as a community,” said Larry Goldberg, CEO of TuneWiki. “Our new player builds upon the engaging listening experience that has excited TuneWiki fans for years by adding the ability to discover new songs and artists enjoyed by others, creating a comprehensive listening and social environment not found in any other music application.”

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