UK partnership to revolutionise mobile satellite broadband

A new partnership between Beyond DSL, Ten Haaft, and Conrad Anderson is set to revolutionise mobile satellite broadband internet in the UK.

Using Ten Haaft’s Oyster automatic satellite system and the Astra2Connect satellite internet service, UK distributors and vehicle electronics specialists, Conrad Anderson, can provide mobile broadband for any vehicle throughout Northern or Central Europe.

In light of the Digital Britain Report it is becoming increasingly important for us all to have broadband coverage. Oyster Internet is a perfect mobile solution for those areas with poor access from cable broadband or mobile phone signal.

This makes it a viable solution for many consumers and systems critical businesses across the UK; mobile banks, mobile post offices and racing teams to name a few.

Having been sold successfully in Germany for two years Oyster Internet is now available in the UK solely through Conrad Anderson. With over 30 years combined experience both the quality of the product and the service given will undoubtedly be of a high standard.

Two way satellite internet is the only way to guarantee a broadband connection in any location in UK and Northern and Central Europe. The technology of the Oyster Internet provides connectivity at a vastly reduced cost compared with any existing systems, both in terms of the cost of the hardware and the monthly data charges.

The system offers uninterrupted broadband speeds, without worrying about lack of signal or signal quality. This is because the coverage is distributed through a geostationary satellite, similar to satellite TV, so as long as the dish has line of sight to the satellite it will provide connectivity.

The product has had a warm reception from the mobile industry, and is in use by both the British Touring Car Racing Team ‘Bamboo Engineering’ for streaming their pit lane internet TV channel, as well as the Gadget Show for on location shoots.

A spokesman for the Gadget Show said “It [Oyster Internet] is an ideal solution for internet access regardless of location, which for us is very important when demoing and testing tech for our viewers. It gives us peace of mind.”

ED says: However, the solution isn’t cheap. Costs are: Oyster Internet hardware (Motorised dish, control box and satellite modem) – £3499; Fitting – £300; Monthly charges – from £17.49 to £69.99; One-off connection charge – £50.

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