UKFast Breaks Through the Cloud

Hosting solutions specialist, UKFast, has addressed the concerns of growing internet businesses with its new innovation: MyCloudStack. The flexible solution breaks down the elements of dedicated cloud hosting and makes it simple for businesses to advance into private cloud computing.

Developed in conjunction with Microsoft Cloud Power, MyCloudStack will allow UKFast clients to enjoy the flexibility of the cloud with dedicated security, enhanced performance, and absolute control over their cloud IT infrastructure.

The product was developed in response to feedback from clients and other online businesses that showed security concerns and a fear of losing control of company data as the main factors preventing businesses from adopting a cloud-based solution.

MyCloudStack allows clients to maintain control of their infrastructure. With the help of experienced hosting specialists, they can fully understand how their cloud architecture works and build in layers of control and protection that mitigate the risks of online threats.

Launched this week, the solution employs advanced technologies from the world’s leading IT companies – including Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere. It offers the best managed virtualised IT capabilities to meet the demands of today’s challenging online environment.

Each layer of the bundled solution – including defence, performance and virtualisation layers and storage, back-up and monitoring products – is designed to enhance performance, resilience and, crucially, return on investment. MyCloudStack will allow UKFast clients to build a private cloud environment that suits their exact needs, layer by layer.

Lawrence Jones, UKFast founder and MD says: “We’re demystifying the private cloud infrastructure and creating a flexible package that offers unrivalled technical support guarantees, scalability and defence combined with exclusive solutions that grow with your business. With MyCloudStack you get a fully-managed, dedicated private cloud with infinite scalability and data security, built to your exact requirements.”

The distinctive MyCloudStack layers are designed to increase productivity and simplify the management of business processes in a secure virtualised environment.

UKFast’s unique web acceleration solution, Webcelerate, is one element of the CloudStack. A crucial component for high performance, high traffic web services, Webcelerator works by providing extra capacity so that a website can do more at once. Web acceleration technology really becomes effective for large volumes of traffic. This means that the web accelerator performs at its best at peak times making it highly effective in high profile marketing campaigns.

The flexibility of UKFast’s latest hosting solution makes it ideal to meet changing IT demands. By removing the complexity of managing IT infrastructures, MyCloudStack aims to increase performance and security levels, as well as reduce costs.

In its efforts to educate businesses on the potential of cloud, in April this year UKFast joined the Cloud Industry Forum. The think tank promotes trust in the cloud and demands a transparent and honest approach from its cloud service provider members.

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