UK’s First Enterprise-Class File Sharing Service Launched by Proact

Proact, Europe’s leading storage integrator and cloud services provider, today announces the launch of the UK’s first dedicated enterprise-class online file storage service, Probox The new cloud service enables all business employees to simply and securely share, access and sync all their work files across work teams and to their mobile devices automatically, instantly and continuously – anytime and anywhere.

The increasing demand for access to shared files is forcing over 65% of workers to use unauthorised online filestorage services to store business data, according to a Proact survey. Probox utilises the latest technology and best practice to safeguard data, preventunauthorised access and guarantee service availability.

Mark Butcher, Commercial Director at Proact, explains: “Business users want a service that provides them with flexible and immediate access to their company data, but few IT departmentshave been able to provide this service until now. This means employees have had no choice but to flaunt regulations by using file sharing services that put the company at serious risk of data leakage with zero control of their data location or sharing controls and a total lack of service level or contractual agreement.”

“Probox enables businesses to ensure users retain ownership and control of their data with a secure service that has been built specifically with business use in mind. Probox has been designed with security at the forefront of its development, as opposed to being a bolt-on to the system. It therefore provides enterprise-class levels of availability, performance and security to even the most stringent businesses, ensuring their vital data is as safe and available as possible.”

Probox provides each employee with 20GB of personal storage space, instantaneously syncing their data to the cloud and to mobile devices, across a range of platforms including Mac, PC, iOS and Android. This enables them to securely access company files and folders whenever and wherever they are and on any device, negating the need for users to copy files to USBs or email documents to themselves.

Butcher explains: “Sharing files through Probox is more effective and secure than emailing documents to yourself and your work colleagues. Using Probox to share files means that only your intended recipient can open the file you share, nobody else. It enhances the speed of a sent email, as users send information via links rather than attachments. This means it is now possible to quickly and simply send complete folders of files rather than simply sending multiple individual documents.”

Probox also enhances business productivity and the security of company data. When a user accesses Probox their web browser and the data they transmit is securely protected by the same encryption methods used by major banks and government institutions.

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