Unicom the Driving Force Behind ISDN2e on WLR3

Manchester-based Unicom has successfully driven forward and completed pilot testing of integrating ISDN2e’s on the Openreach WLR3 Equivalent Management platform.

Universal Utilities PLC, which trades as Unicom and also owns Titan Telecom ltd began the ISDN2e pilot testing at the beginning of February and has led the way as the schemes driving force using Singularity’s WLR3 solution.

“Titan Telecom was designed to operate on WLR3 only. Ensuring the full Openreach product set is available to us is very important and we have been working closely with Openreach to drive forward the development of features where possible. It’s a good feeling to be the first past the post.” said Chris Earle, Operations Director.

“Titan Telecom was the first company to make full use of WLR3 across its entire customer base, and Unicom will soon be following suit. WLR3 offers Titan Telecom many benefits: its far more efficient at provisioning and managing customers lines, offers our staff far more information when dealing with customer issues and allows numerous manual processes to be automated. Our plan for Unicom is to be the first communications provide to migrate its entire WLR2 base to the WLR3 platform for all telecom products, improving our products and services at the same time as reducing costs.”

Commenting on the success was Matt Madden, Openreach General Manager – Wholesale Line Rental who said “This is a great achievement for the whole team involved in moving Unicom to WLR3. WLR3 ISDN2 is the final product to be delivered on our Equivalence Management Platform and forms the basis on which we will leverage the strengths of WLR3 to provide new benefits and features to customers like Unicom.”

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