Union Street makes WLR3 easy with additional new Portal Solution

Union Street Technologies the supplier of billing solutions for communication providers, has announced the launch of a new stand alone WLR3 Portal Solution specifically aimed at CPs who use a billing platform other than the market leading aBillity product.

aBillity already has a fully integrated WLR3 module which provides many benefits over a non-integrated solution. The new stand alone WLR3 Portal Solution has been developed in such a way that it can be configured to integrate with the existing aBillity WLR3 solution, should the CP require a web interface for Assurance and Fulfilment.

WLR3 has been introduced by BT Openreach to provide a level playing field for communication providers (CPs) with BT Retail, through a policy of equivalence of access. To utilise WLR 3, communication providers must interface with the BT Openreach Equivalence Management Platform (EMP). This means that CPs will need to either develop their own gateway or partner with a systems integrator such as Union Street, who can provide a solution.

While the new WLR3 Portal Solution is suitable for CPs with other billing platforms, when used in conjunction with the aBillity billing platform, it gives significant business benefits in terms of reduced data entry, faster order processing, extra validation and reduced errors.

Commenting on the launch of the WLR3 Portal Solution, Tony Cook, a director of Union Street, said “With our new WLR3 interface we make WLR3 easy. This is because it provides customers with a comprehensive solution for WLR3 management that integrates seamlessly with our aBillity billing platform. As well as selling to our existing customer base, we are already taking orders from new customers who are taking aBility to benefit from the integrated ‘turn-key’ solution to WLR3 provided by our WLR3 Portal Solution. As BT Openreach seeks to phase out WLR2 we anticipate substantial orders for Union Street’s total solution for WLR3.”

Over 60 CPs have already selected Union Street as their WLR3 provider and sales in 2009 are already 30% up on the last quarter of 2008.

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