Uniworld Launches Inbound Call Handling Service

A new website which provides customers with easy-to-use control over their inbound call routing are set to revolutionise the inbound call handling market.

Launched by Uniworld Communications, www.myinbound.com offers end users the ability to self-manage their own inbound call handling. The website also provides access to powerful information on call handling to improve business performance.

The website provides a platform for two services, Contact Point and Contact Path. A third solution Contact Pro will be released later in the year.

Contact Point is ideal for single site users and offers features such as call routing by time of day or week day and diverts on engaged or unanswered calls. Contact Path is for multi-sited organisations needing capabilities such as call routing by date or number and distribution by percentage based routing.

A powerful feature is that these services work with both geographic and non geographic numbers.

With no hardware the capital expenditure required to get started is minimal. In addition the ability to provision these services online means that the set-up time is fast.

Michael J Thornton, Sales and Marketing Director of Uniworld, comments, “These new inbound services open exciting opportunities for our Channel Partners with SME customers. The services we can run via myinbound.com are a major step-change in inbound call handling taking the industry towards more cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for customers. We are delighted to have added these services to our extensive product portfolio”.

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