Uniworld Launches Web Security Service

Voice and data comms company Uniworld says that time spent online by employees is rapidly increasing, and the Web now represents the primary attack vehicle for targeted malware. Web browsers and instant messenger are now the biggest source of threat to companies, which is making it harder to protect networks from invasion.

To combat this problem Uniworld now offers WebControl, a web security solution using software as a service (SAAS).

WebControl reroutes internet traffic via global data centres where it is scanned in real-time, blocking malware and inappropriate content before it reaches the network of the customer.

Because WebControl is provided as software-as-a-service, it requires no upfront capital investment and is a cost-effective way to plan Web security for a fixed fee. The service offers the potential to save up to 40% from total cost of ownership against comparable solutions

Colin Mann, Marketing Manager at Uniworld commented “Today’s web is an ever-changing, ever-growing and ever-evolving place. Web 1.0 was all about downloading but Web 2.0 is about the user both uploading and downloading content. Third party providers also contribute through advertising, news feeds and dynamic content. All this is exciting but there is a ‘dark’ side. Spyware, Trojans, keystroke loggers have become common problems using this new technology.”

Mann added “These cyber attacks increase the risk of exposure to malware, damage to reputations, leaks of confidential information and can reduce productivity through down time. WebControl is designed to tackle these business critical issues and enables IT teams focus on the core business mission rather than fire-fighting problems.”

Michael J Thornton, Sales and Marketing Director of Uniworld, said ““WebControl provides safe, scalable, intelligent and fast web security and is a powerful addition to our portfolio of products and services.”

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