Upcoming webinar: the new telco value chain

With new technologies transitioning from concepts into market realities, forward-thinking service providers are transforming their monetisation strategy. At the heart of this transformation is the reinvention of traditional billing systems into modern, cloud-native monetisation solutions that empower service providers to thrive.

In an upcoming Comms Business webinar, Tim Sayer, chief operating officer at Strategic Imperatives and Andrea Warburton, senior business analyst at Zen Internet, will explore how a modern billing and monetisation strategy can transform service providers into digital experience providers and ignite the new telco value chain. It will be held on Thursday November 26th at 15:00 GMT. You can sign up here.

The traditional definition of billing as primarily rating platforms with flat product catalogues, little support for subscriptions and limited payment integration is no longer relevant. In this webinar, you can find out why modern billing platforms must support a more sophisticated monetisation capability.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to recognise the signs that it is time to review your billing and monetisation capability
  • How next-level monetisation and provisioning solutions drive digital transformation
  • How to build a checklist for a successful monetisation capability
  • See how real-time data adds value by reducing fraud, predicting churn, and enabling highly target marketing propositions
  • How an agile billing system can convert a one-time buyer into a lifelong brand advocate

Sign up to attend the webinar now.

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Charlotte Hathway

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