Users are Better Informed say Telinet

Speaking to Comms Business Magazine, José Fernandez, Telinet Operations Director says his company is coming across better informed users in the field.

“One of the main changes we have seen is that out in the field there has been a remarkable turnaround in the knowledge the end user has surround VoIP and its capabilities. The larger enterprise customer has always been au fait with the latest technologies due to in-house technical staff. We are now seeing this same level of VoIP and IP communications knowledge filtering down to the SMB customer, regardless of the size of their IT department. I think this is primarily due to the large amount of coverage this topic has had in business and national press and with Tesco advertising internet phones on the radio everyone has heard of IP telephony.

The majority of SMB customers have welcomed the latest technologies and really appreciate the benefits of being able to integrate voice with their existing infrastructure. This is especially the case as it is now possible to integrate this without a major outlay in new IT equipment. This has been significant in allowing VoIP solutions to be implemented. The end user is comfortable with the host of new remote and internal administration tools that allow the voice system to administered via existing VPN connections and web interface packages.”

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