Vadition – A Virtual Vendor

Ian Morris and Neil Ledger have formed a new company again, this time a distribution business called Vadition. These are the guys who started and sold Data Connectivity to Datrontech Group in 1998 for £7m and then did the same with equIP selling it to Matrix Group for £11m in 2005.

Based in Alton Hampshire, Vadition’s mantra is ‘network evolution’ and it believes that the channel can no longer sustain a vertical technology model and needs look at a more horizontal, integrated approach to IT infrastructure. With IT reaching maturity, there’s no longer a need to continually ‘rip & replace’ infrastructure – its now about integrating technologies to do the same things but better, quicker, cheaper.

VADition also operates a hybrid channel model. It’s ‘virtual vendor’ model is aimed at new and emerging technology vendors who are looking to develop business opportunities in the UK and build out appropriate channels. Depending on which stage of development the vendor is at, VADition can offer anything from vendor representation (whereby they become the UK agent) to traditional distribution services plus the usual technical support services.

Speaking to Comms Business Magazine Ian Morris commented, “There’s nothing new right now in terms of technology and no big wave coming along to add to the infrastructure. What is happening is that we have an aging infrastructure and as it ages it butts up against a natural replacement time for ‘tired’ stuff. We have an opportunity to develop a portfolio of products that are ‘same as you do, but better and more predictable’.”

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