VADition Launches Wireless Division to Bridge Skills Gap in the Channel

Farnham based distributor VADition has announced the formation of a Wireless Division in response to the shortage of knowledge and skills set in the channel. The new division will offer a range of wireless services that can be used by VADition’s partners to deliver a variety of professional services to their customer base.

Wireless is still a black art for many networking and IT services companies despite wireless moving from niche applications, to a more widespread deployment into the enterprise and public sectors.

“Wireless is reaching its tipping point in the enterprise,” according to Barrie Desmond, Business Development Director at VADition. “Guest hot spots and niche applications have been the forerunners of the adoption of wireless, however with an increasingly mobile and transient workforce, enterprises are beginning to see the overriding benefits of wireless.

The widespread adoption and momentum of wireless is not matched with the skills and knowledge base currently available in the channel. There are few truly knowledgeable and able wireless experts out in the channel, often specialist boutique players with little capacity for scale but good possibilities for partnering.”

In an effort to support the channel, VADition’s Wireless Division will ‘white label’ wireless services to enable partners to provide professional services to their end users that includes pre sales support, engineering, site surveys like AP surveys, RF planning and architecture, installation and commissioning and up to level 2 support post sales support.

“Wireless is changing working practices so work becomes something you do, not a place you go or sit. New entrants into the work force, so called digital natives expect wireless as a natural access technology. To them, whether they are employees, sub contractors, consultants, suppliers or even customers, organisations that don’t provide seamless, secure wifi access is like companies that don’t allow web access or mobile phones, it’s totally alien,” concluded Barrie Desmond. “VADition’s Wireless Division will provide the skills to support the channel address the ubiquitous expectation to wirelessly connect.”

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