Vaioni launches 1Gb Leased Lines across London.

Network services company Vaioni has launched a 1Gb leased line service across London for £1500 a month. The company says resellers and wholesale customers can now save up to 50% on the rental of an equivalent 1Gb service from other major carriers, whilst not losing any of the features inherent from a Carrier Network. Vaioni says it runs a MEF compliant Carrier Ethernet Fabric which delivers high quality and performance, Carrier Class service to large SME and Corporate businesses.

Laura Norfolk Channel Manager of Vaioni states, “Vaioni runs a high capacity and a high quality Carrier Ethernet backbone with a capacity of up to 100gb. 1Gb leased lines demand a high performing backbone to guarantee the throughput. Our 1Gb end to end connections give our customers the quality and guarantee they demand with a price point that is also competitive.”

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