Vaioni Provides Shorter Contract Terms to Help Businesses Reduce Risk

In uncertain times, businesses have to become more prudent and reduce or even remove risk from its business. The question is how a business does that without losing out too much on cost and availability of options?

ISP Vaioni has looked deep into this and found 75% of companies it has spoken to in the last two months would rather take a shorter contract term over cost, as long as they were not a million miles apart of course. As a result Vaioni has created a range of mid-range and high-end connectivity, security and voice products that give the customer a 1yrs contract at an unbeatable price point.

Sachin Vaish of Vaioni states, “Without sounding too cliché, we are in uncomfortable times and businesses are reluctant to sign long term contracts to save a few quid and are much more inclined to pay a little more and have a short term contract. We understand this circumstance being a growing business ourselves and so we have I think designed a low risk, high return portfolio of mainly connectivity services. We are seeing 10mb Leased Lines selling from £650 a month and for 100mb Leased Line from £950 a month across the UK, fully managed and on just a one year contract. We are really proud that we can do this”.

Vaioni hopes that this will give businesses of all sizes a more comfortable method of buying services such as connectivity and should open a new path for businesses that once were unwilling to buy or upgrade its current connectivity.

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