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VanillaIP Launches Toll Fraud Guarentee

VanillaIP has introduced a Call Fraud Guarantee to the Channel. Dave Dadds, CEO at VanillaIP says “This guarantee should give great comfort to resellers that are rightly concerned about dial through fraud with industry figures showing this is a multi-million problem with single instances running into £100,000’s and even millions in some cases.

With initiatives from industry trade bodies including FCS and ITSPA all of which we fully support, especially around the stopping of fraudulent out payments, we at VanillaIP do believe the buck stops with the Service Providers and Tier 1 carriers UP the chain and not the Reseller or their clients down the chain.”

VanillaIP believes that SIP trunking will always be inherently more susceptible to fraud because of the fact there are third party “boxes” located on the client premises all of which can be under the control of different parties and software revisions, for this reason they have excluded SIP Trunking from the guarantee scheme.

The VanillaIP Guarantee is built around leveraging the power of Uboss to allow partners to allocate daily credit limits to the end user HPBX extension, this typically is set at £15.00. Using the Uboss near real time rating (typically 15-20 minute delay) all call traffic for both “in Flight” and completed calls is rated to calculate spend, at 80% a warning email is sent and at 100% the extension is automatically blocked and existing call(s) disconnected.

The guarantee itself is simple the Reseller will pay no more than 3 x User Daily Credit limit or £50.00 whichever is the higher, as the reseller is in full control of credit limits they are able to adjust as required based on user profile and of credit score/history.

Dadds continued, “As we know cyber fraud is on the increase in all sorts of ways across many industry’s, no one has all the answers but when it comes to dial through fraud much like if your credit card is cloned and money stolen, the bank will reimburse you, we believe it is time Service Providers and Tier ones take the responsibility rather than trying to pass the buck to the reseller and their clients.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine