VegaStream Completes Interoperability Testing with Microsoft OCS

IP telephony gateway vendor VegaStream has announced the successful completion of interoperability testing with Microsoft Office Communications Server and VegaStream’s VoIP Gateways. The gateway allows interoperability between TDM networks including PABX’s and the PSTN, and Microsoft Office Communications Server.

The VegaStream VoIP Gateways can be used in two ways – to connect Microsoft Office Communications Server to analogue and digital PSTN networks; in addition, it allows Microsoft Office Communications Server to connect to pre-installed PABX’s. This migratory approach helps to reduce the investment required for an implementation and avoids any disruption to existing telephony services.

“I am delighted that we have achieved this accreditation as it further cements VegaStream’s position as the leading European VOIP gateway provider.” said Steve Davis, EVP Sales and Marketing, VegaStream. “VegaStream’s peerless understanding of European networks and the installed base of European PABX’s gives us a unique position. Over the past 10 years we have installed thousands of gateways and I am very confident in stating that we have more understanding of the interoperability issues between SIP based applications such as Microsoft Office Communications Server and TDM networks than anybody else in the market.”

VegaStream is also pleased to announce it has secured its largest ever contract for VoIP Gateways in one of the world’s largest VoIP implementations. Deploying its VoIP Gateways in one of the largest employers in a dragon economy, VegaStream products were used to connect analogue devices to an IP network to deliver highly secure communications.

“Comprising of over 35,000 ports, this implementation is a significant endorsement of VegaStream and enhances the reputation of our gateways to protect legacy communications investments and simultaneously enable large-scale access to VoIP,” commented Steve Davis.

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