VegaStream’s Vega 5048 Gateway Wins Award

Dedicated VoIP gateway manufacturer VegaStream has won a product of the year award from Internet Telephony for its Vega 5048 analogue gateway. The Vega 5048 gateway connects analogue phones systems to an IP network and is thought to be the largest known analogue VoIP gateway on the market today.

Designed for enterprises looking to move efficiently and cost-effectively to IP networks, the Vega 5048 provides 48 ports for connection to standard analogue phones, and can act as a customer premises and PSTN gateway in carrier networks; and/or VoIP networking and IP telephony gateways in an enterprise setting.

“VegaStream is honoured to be chosen as an Internet Telephony Product of the Year,” said Tim Burne, CEO for VegaStream. “This award is a validation of our commitment to providing enterprises and carriers with the ability to migrate to VoIP at their own pace and leverage their existing TDM equipment, including their analogue handsets.”

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