Viatel Joins in BT Wholesale Trial

Viatel has confirmed it will be taking part in BT Wholesale’s Real Time Quality of Service (RT QoS) over shared broadband trial. This entails trialling with customers a priority class of service via WBC and WBMC networks that support Business VOIP and other time sensitive applications. In addition, during the design phase, Viatel has provided many performance metrics to assist BT Wholesale in specifying how the product might eventually perform in use.

The initial technical trial will be followed in October by a customer trial that will run until early 2011, and will be followed by service introduction later in the fiscal year. This is supported by a major network upgrade that significantly enhances BT Wholesale’s performance management of the network.

Steve Powell, product manager for connectivity and access services at Viatel said. “Today shared broadband in Britain cannot be relied upon to deliver the speed and latency required for particular business critical applications including converged voice communications using VoIP and other time critical services. Implementation of RT QoS will lead to a situation in which bandwidth can be dedicated to an individual line and will therefore never be subject to the effects of contention. The eventual deployment of this technology will be a major breakthrough in the viability of shared broadband for business and we are obviously very excited to be one of the few companies involved with this trial.

“At present, businesses that cannot risk using contended services are limited to using more expensive offerings like leased lines, Ethernet or even dedicated broadband lines. RT QoS removes the effects of contention by adding the ability to dedicate a quantity of bandwidth to specific subscribers or applications. The amount of bandwidth that can be dedicated to a particular line can range from 100kbps up to nearly 5Mbps depending on line type and performance. With this service customers will enjoy enhanced management of their networks and will be able to make prioritisation decisions based on key SLA metrics of Latency, Packet Loss and Jitter. Once released RT QoS will be available on any 21 CN ADSL2+, Annex M, FTTC or FTTP line and will revolutionise the use of shared broadband for businesses in the UK.”

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