Video conferencing goes mainstream say vc-net

Up until recently, integrating desktop video with the existing room-based video network infrastructure was very difficult to achieve. To combat this, award-winning managed video services provider vc-net and Visual Nexus have announced the launch of their new generation of online virtual meeting solutions, HubMeeting. This enables face-to-face meetings to be attended by participants from their desks, in the board room, from their home, in fact where ever a broadband connection to the Internet can be found.

The use of on-line virtual meeting technology to enable inexpensive face-to-face communications creates an effective working environment in today’s rapidly changing world. Its simplicity enables sensitive and balanced communication, whilst enhancing personal responsibility, respect for people and trust. Hazards can be avoided by timely intervention and more honest exchanges, with the end result of managing change much more productively.

Dan Somers, Managing Director of vc-net, explains: “The majority of modern organisations are dispersed, with more and more homeworkers than ever before. The imperative for anytime visual collaboration is well understood. Unfortunately most desktop video conferencing solutions, like Skype, are non-standards based. Whilst they are low-cost, and suitable for consumers, the quality and security simply isn’t good enough for serious business users. They also lack HD quality and are incompatible with boardroom video conferencing systems.

“Working together with Visual Nexus, this latest solution combines video, voice and data in a single package, accessible from a desktop PC. It therefore enables remote users to be as productive as if they were in the same office, allowing them to conduct real time ad-hoc face-to-face meetings from home, on the road, at a workstation or in a meeting room.”

The combination of Visual Nexus, a software solution combining the best video experience and collaboration tools, and vc-net’s extensive expertise in collaborative work environments, will offer customers high quality, virtual meeting tools and services on the move. The solution uses a convergence of video, voice and data to provide a real meeting-like experience, with high quality video and audio systems and a full set of data collaboration tools.

Geoff Seabrook, Managing Director of Visual Nexus comments: “With Internet and broadband connectivity becoming commonplace, the potential of on-line face-to-face meetings can now be realised inexpensively with instantaneous access from anywhere in the world. More importantly audio and video compression technology gives quality sound and visual images that help to engage the vital spiritual and emotional intelligence to make change happen. Furthermore, Internet based technology can bring together other applications, such as data and application sharing, with these materials being shared in real time.”

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