Vidicode Offers Free PCI Compliance

Vidicode UK has announced it is now offering partners free PCI compliance on extension side recorders up until 1st February 2017!

The following features are available with the Apresa recorder for extension side recording projects FOC.

 Screen Recording
 PCI Compliance
 Live Call Tagging

Vidicode UK will be helping their partners achieve more for less, whether they are utilising hosted IP or traditional phone systems.

Everton Stuart, Managing Director at Vidicode UK, commented, “Businesses are looking at technologies such as Voice Analytics, Screen Recording and Voice Recording as a way to improve efficiencies and effectiveness within their organisations. This is particularly evident in companies that are regulated by bodies such as the FCA.

In recent years there has been an increase in a wider range of businesses taking up these types of technologies, to either support customer service or to improve sales by moving to electronic contracts rather than the traditional paper based versions.”

Automatic PCI has historically come with hefty fees and great complexity for many clients and partners.

Stuart continues, “Our offer aims to provide partners with a way of delighting their customers by reducing costs where they need compliance and don’t have a choice in implementing a compliant offering. Being a technology developer / manufacturer means we can create bespoke solutions for our partners which ensures partners can continue to do what they do best – providing enterprise solutions which financially can be applied at both ends of the market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine