Virtual1 Announce Network Investment

Virtual1 today announced the completion of a major phase in its network investments. The cloud and network provider has invested millions across its core network with Juniper; improving the scalability, capacity and resilience of its primary asset.

The upgraded network sees a massive increase in scalability using multiplex devices with the capability for software defined networking. The devices vastly improve system capacity with the ability to light dark fibre to multiples of 10Gig. The total number of 10Gig ports across the Virtual1 network now exceed 450.

The phase also sees a significant increase in network capacity with the deployment of additional Juniper routers with total capacity of 15Tbps. Dual routing engines on core routes were installed to improve resilience, resulting in impact-less upgrades using two routing engines.

Virtual1, CTO, James Hickman, commented: “This project has been a huge phase in our network development – the work undertaken by our architects has resulted in one of the most robust networks in our space. As well increasing the scalability, capacity and resiliency of our network, the work has seen our London network footprint doubled.”

The phase was expected to take over 18 months to complete with over 3000 customer migrations taking place. Remarkably, the migration and upgrade was in fact completed in just three months.

Tom O’Hagan, MD, Virtual1, added: “The network underpins the core services our partners deliver to their customers. Strengthening our network by investing in large-scale upgrades is paramount to strengthening our relationship with our partners. I commend the work undertaken by our network architects in ensuring the large scale work was completed so swiftly and seamlessly”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine