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Virtual1 Manage BDUK Scheme for Partners

As a registered supplier of the BDUK’s Superconnected Cities programme in the City of London Virtual1 is managing the whole process for its existing Partners. The scheme offers up to £3,000 to businesses wanting to upgrade their broadband connectivity.

The scheme is aimed at businesses that are most likely to have delayed any enhancement to their connectivity programme, due to economic constraints. So SMEs, Charities and Social Enterprises in London can apply for the vouchers, as long as they have received less than £120,000 in grants over the past three years, and have a registered address or trading office in London.

The scheme, which is only open until March 2015, is administered by the individual cities, rather than BDUK centrally. Virtual1 has registered as a supplier for the London area and can now offer access to the service, which is run by the Mayor of London.

Any qualifying organization can apply by getting quotes to arrange superfast connectivity and then applying to the Mayor of London for up to £3,000 in vouchers which can be redeemed to Virtual1.

London is currently accepting applications and the vouchers are issued on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. With instant pricing available through 1Portal, it is simplicity itself to get an immediate quote from Virtual1.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine