Vodafone UK Targets SMEs with FMC Offer

According to Vodafone small and medium sized businesses can save up to 20% on their communications costs with their One Net, a service they say combines fixed and mobile voice to deliver a simpler, more effective way to manage communications.

Vodafone One Net ensures that businesses are able to work effectively whether in the office or out and about. The single service ensures businesses are always available to their customers at the same time as giving them greater cost control on communications spend via a flexible, scalable service that can grow or contract depending on the size of the workforce.

Vodafone One Net offers a single number for landline and mobile phones, one voicemail for all fixed and mobile messages, one contract and a single point of contact to cover all communications needs. Business customers can switch seamlessly between their mobile and landline phone depending on where they are. This means making or receiving a call in the office on a fixed phone and continuing it on the move via mobile is now a reality.

Customers can opt to pay a predictable flat call rate, per user subscription, allowing flexibility as the business grows or contracts, with the cost of the call remaining the same whether fixed or mobile.

The Vodafone One Net service also offers customers the opportunity to have a virtual switchboard, fully hosted by Vodafone UK which can support businesses with multiple office locations. Rather than having a fixed switchboard or PBX, Vodafone UK takes care of the management of communications between locations, routing the call via the most effective channel. One Net also offers call quality monitoring, so customers benefit from business-grade service levels and network performance.

“Our small and medium sized business customers have told us that they want to deal with one trusted communications provider who can support them in improving business efficiency, delivering outstanding customer service and improving cash flow whilst remaining responsive to changing business needs,” says Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director for Vodafone UK. “Vodafone One Net delivers this by enabling businesses to work effectively in or out of the office, providing a one stop support service for fixed and mobile voice communications that also effectively reduces costs.”

Fixed calls are provided through Vodafone UK’s extended partnership with BT Wholesale.

The launch of Vodafone One Net follows the successful launch in July 2009 of Vodafone One, offering integrated voice, data and fixed line services for corporate customers.

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