Voice Connect to Help Protect Lone Working Staff

The latest innovation will support those that regularly work in isolation, often known as lone workers, as they will now be able to initiate protection and raise alarms via text message.

This text messaging capability has been developed by Leicester based comms company Voice Connect to work with their TRUST 24×7 product, which already enables organisations across the UK to cope with the growing rise in violence against lone workers.

The new text message feature is designed to be simple to use by personnel in the field. Staff set up an alert via text message, also including the time of when they expect to be out of the situation. When they are out of their current situation and/or their work is complete, they can text back into TRUST 24×7 to cancel the alarm and set up another alert for their next task (if necessary). If the alert is not cancelled because the lone worker is detained or experiencing difficulty with a member of the public, the alarm is activated..

The text message feature has been developed to complement Voice Connect’s TRUST 24×7 system and the new feature is designed for use within a range of organisations across the UK including NHS trusts, housing associations and councils. “We have developed the text messaging feature ensuring that it fully integrates into TRUST 24×7’s standard functionality.” explains Voice Connect’s Technical Director, David Harrison. “The text feature can be used in its entirety, which has been well received by organisations that have lone workers that are hard of hearing and unable to leave a standard timed voice message.

This is because these workers can now initiate protection and raise alarms using text messages, which was not available to them before now. The fact that the new text feature integrates into TRUST 24×7’s standard functionality will also give all lone working staff the flexibility to access the system in the most appropriate way according to their situation. For example, a worker may leave a timed voice message to initiate protection, but when it is time to cancel their message, (due to an alarm not being required) the worker cancels their alarm by text message, because they cannot obtain a good enough mobile signal to phone in.”

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