Voiceflex xDSL Speed Tester

Voiceflex has added an ASDL speed checker to their web site so that resellers can check if their customer’s broadband connection is good enough to put voice traffic over.

According to the company 75% of end users with 4 SIP Trunks or less use the open internet. The remaining 25% many be sending a lot of data or are too far away from the exchange.

Voiceflex has a range of services to meet the customer’s requirements including Vx-Highway: a router which deploys Voiceflex’s own software application coupled with best practices for 1 – 4 SIP Trunks,

Paul Taylor from Voiceflex says, “If the line is overloaded continuously, the link is not properly sized for the end user and needs to be upgraded. If however, it is becoming overloaded in fits and starts, then Vx-Highway will smooth this out and allow SIP trunks to work properly.

Vx-Highway works by ensuring enough bandwidth is available for the number of SIP calls in progress, up to enough for 4 concurrent calls. In addition it also prioritises voice traffic over data. Data will flow slower or faster depending on the number of calls in progress. In other words, Vx-Highway automatically manages the available end user bandwidth to efficiently meet the requirements of both voice and data.”

Taylor concludes, “Voiceflex VxDSL 5 & 10 is a voice only managed xDSL connection over Voiceflex’s MPLS network supporting either 5 or 10 SIP Trunks, ISDN quality as you are on our network end to end.”

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