VoIP Becomes Mainstream say Nimans

VoIP has become so mainstream that it can now no longer be considered as new or emerging technology, according to distributor Nimans.

“If we refer back 12 months, the emergence of VoIP has almost become old news now because it is being deployed by most resellers,” said Nimans’ Sales Director Phil Adams who sees the emergence of SIP as the ‘next chapter’ in converged communications, building on the progress made by VoIP.

Phil believes that leading distributors such as Nimans will continue to have a major role to play as VoIP sales gather momentum and grow in popularity.

“A few years ago VoIP was the latest buzzword and new thing but it is far more mainstream now. Although initially we were shipping IP enabled switches, very few IP extensions were being connected. Today that’s very different.”

Adams continued: “I think there was an initial fear factor in the channel, as there is with any emerging technology but here at Nimans we have invested a great deal of time and effort in helping our customers understand VoIP, giving them the confidence and support to capitalise on the great sales opportunities this technology presents.

“There is absolutely no doubt that VoIP is nothing new. It has established itself as today’s technology and tomorrow’s. As we move onto SIP and SIP trunking this will herald a further new era as it provides another indication of where we are heading with fully converged solutions and single areas of communication platforms serving multimedia applications.”

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