VoIP is Start Point for Collaboration say Polycom

Pat Finlayson, Product Marketing, Voice Division for Polycom says the company is seeing a huge upturn in voice business with VoIP being a significant part of this.

”A significant proportion of new business for Polycom VoIP solutions is being generated by hosted service providers who typically provide an IP Centrex solution to enterprises, and we expect the market will continue to see a mix of enterprise based PBX and the service orientated Centrex model in the coming years.

The services vary from transitional type services i.e. assisting in the move from legacy TDM PBX’s, to green field site implementations with customers then able to cherry pick handsets, network tariffs. etc. It is in providing the choice of standards based handsets that Polycom has a strong position is the market at the current time.

The move to VoIP applications also leads to other applications being delivered to the desktop, i.e. as IP networks are upgraded for real time communication applications then the network and desktop become capable of running other applications, and Polycom finds that VoIP can be a forerunner to demands for its integrated video, and data sharing applications. End users then start to enjoy the benefits of rich media communications across their IP networks, allowing for reduced travel, enhanced team productivity, improved environmental performance statistics, more flexible working practices, reduced cost and improved work life balance amongst other benefits.

We expect the market to evolve to demonstrate increased demands for these converged applications with VoIP as the start point for improved collaboration applications.”

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