Voipfone For BT Landlines – No VoIP Required!

Voipfone has launched a brand new telephone service using ordinary BT telephone landlines and existing telephone equipment. The service means that customers can have many of the advantages of VoIP – like call transfer, call hold, music on hold and call recording – without actually using VoIP or even a broadband connection.

Customers need absolutely no new equipment, keep their existing telephone number. In fact everything works exactly as it used to do – except calls are cheaper and new services are available – most of them free.

Colin Duffy, CEO, Voipfone comments: “Voipfone is well known for providing very low cost, advanced VoIP services but customers usually don’t care what technology we use – they just want our clever services at the lowest cost with the least messing about possible – so we’ve been developing ways of providing them to people who don’t want to use VoIP for whatever reason.”

He continues: “We believe that we’re the first in the UK to engineer the traditional Carrier Preference Service (CPS) technology and blend it into the advanced world of IP.”

This new service is the first of a new line of products that are designed for small businesses that have already invested in traditional telephone equipment and need VoIP features, but don’t want to changeover quite yet.

Duffy adds: “In a few weeks time we’ll complement this outbound service with an inbound one so that customers can use some of our advanced switchboard services too like, telephone extensions, call groups, call forwarding and voicemail.”

“This is a very low cost entry for small businesses to get some of the powerful VoIP services without taking the full plunge into VoIP. When they are ready, they can then easily upgrade to a fully VoIP service.”

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