Voipfone Launches No Contract Broadband

Voipfone has launched a no contract, unlimited usage, voice prioritised, broadband access service specifically designed for both telephony and internet use.

Voipfone’s broadband is engineered to provide a logical fit with Voipfone voice services. Voipfone controls the connection from the phone to the client telephone network end-to-end and is able to specify the fastest routes and prioritise voice traffic over it. This means that normal internet use does not interfere with voice quality.

The new service can be used as a dedicated voice line to carry up to 25 simultaneous calls or, because it is voice prioritised, it can be shared with normal internet and email traffic without suffering degradation.

Additionally, instead of tying customers into 12 or 18 month contracts, Voipfone’s broadband is a commitment free, no contract, no penalty, pay-as-you-go service.
Colin Duffy, CEO of Voipfone, comments “Our business customers use their internet connections for more and more activities – email and web browsing of course, but also for document transfer, database back-ups, video upload and a whole host of other things. When telephony is added to all that, the broadband connection becomes a mission critical component of the business.”

Duffy continues: “And yet we often that find clients using a cheap and heavily contended consumer internet access service to do it all with, which of course it can’t. Something has to give and because a telephone conversation has to happen in real time it’s the first to suffer if the connection is poor and congested. Our new network is both voice prioritised and private peered so that our customers get the best possible call quality and line reliability – all the time.”

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