Vorboss initiative to boost telecoms talent pool

Vorboss has unveiled a training and recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talent from the economic sectors worst affected by the pandemic. The Vorboss Academy, which opened in February, hosts a four-week intensive training course for new hires and is designed to give those unfamiliar with telecoms the skills they need to kickstart a career in the industry.

The programme is led by Genevieve Bolan, the company’s head of training and development, who has extensive experience designing development programmes for the Royal Air Force, TfL and IT businesses. She explained, “Quality is a key focus, as well as looking after our people through meaningful and ongoing learning. We’ve invested a considerable amount of thought, time and resources into getting the Vorboss Academy’s programme just right so that it attracts and develops the future stars of our sector.”

The Academy puts new recruits through their paces, covering key topics such as fibre installation, blowing and splicing, as well as training them on safety measures. At its current capacity, the Academy will be able to train and qualify over 150 key workers in 2021.

Vorboss is proactively hiring staff from sectors that have been severely disrupted by the pandemic restrictions of the past twelve months, as well as working to encourage more female applicants. In addition, the company is introducing school leavers, ex-military personnel, and apprentices to skilled technical careers, filling over 150 new positions critical for driving its fibre rollout.

Timothy Creswick, CEO, Vorboss, said that the company “is in a great position to offer opportunities to talented and driven people affected by the economic crisis”. He added, “Our business is growing fast, and we want the best people working with us, whatever their backgrounds. But more than that, this is a chance for our industry to broaden its horizons and increase the diversity and inclusivity of its workforce in a way that it has been slow to do until now.”

The company welcomed its most recent Vorboss Training Academy intake last week. Those new starters are pictured above.

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