Vosky Introduces PBX-to-Skype Gateways to UK Market

Vosky Technologies has introduced its next generation Vosky Exchange range to the UK market. A high profile distributor for the products is due to be announced shortly.

The rack-mountable PBX-to-Skype Gateways enable business users to make, receive and transfer Internet-based Skype calls over standard office phone systems.

As well as delivering free Skype calls, a key benefit of the new Vosky Exchange range is that it enables mobile and remote workers to dial directly via Skype into the company PBX. This not only reduces international, remote staff and telecoms costs, but also opens businesses up to the worldwide Skype community and to interaction with potentially 200 million new customers.

Ian Robin, European general manager for Vosky Technologies said: “The advanced functionality is ideally suited for the modern working environment, offering free Skype calls for remote and mobile workers and between multiple office locations. The Gateways also support low-cost international expansion and business applications such as click-to-talk, enabling businesses to offer improved customer service and sales support direct from a website or html email.”

The five-product Vosky Exchange range is said by the vendor to be the only PBX-to-Skype hardware to have full Skype certification. The range delivers plug-and-play integration with existing office phone systems, offering Skype trunking through to the company’s PBX. Vosky say the gateways will enhance virtually any PBXs and phone systems out of the box and provide businesses with free Skype-to-Skype and competitive SkypeOut calling costs.

The new range allows up to eight Skype lines to be added to any office PBX without needing to change the existing office phone infrastructure. Vosky say the seamless integration is a major advantage of the product range and means businesses will be able to preserve their investment in their existing phone systems whilst enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of Skype.

Vosky’s 9000 Exchange manages four inbound or outbound calls concurrently, offers simplified management by centralising all Skype activities to a single computer and provides additional telephony features such as call transfer and call pickup, all from a compact desktop unit.

The 9140 and 9180 Exchanges enable employees working remotely to make Skype calls over the Vosky Exchange system using extension ports from any landline or mobile.

Incoming landline calls can be transferred to any phone number or Skype ID inside or outside the office, and only a location code and extension is needed for users to make calls between offices- eliminating the need to dial their respective PBX numbers.

Vosky claim that the Gateways can pay for themselves within just a few months through reduced phone bills and new business.

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