Vtesse Networks achieves ‘4th star of ripeness’ status for IPV6 readiness

Vtesse Networks today announced that its UK network has achieved ‘4th Star of RIPEness’ status in recognition of its support of IPv6. Awarded by Réseaux IP’ Européens (RIPE), the world’s principal authority on IPv6, the ‘4th star of RIPEness’ is currently its highest level of readiness recognition and indicates Vtesse is ideally placed to support this significant internet development as well as help customers as they transition to the new protocol.

The introduction of IPv6 will open up around 340 undecillion new unique IP addresses and is vital to ensure internet growth as IPv4 addresses fall in short supply. However, IPv4 and IPv6 are incompatible, so to run both protocols, the network must support dual stacking. RIPE has awarded this status to Vtesse following a systematic upgrade of its entire UK network, which ensures its customers will experience no disruption to their network services as the gradual IPv4/IPv6 switch over occurs.

Vtesse head of sales and marketing, Paul Besley, had this to say on the IPv6 deployment, “Vtesse has always considered customer service to be a top priority and enabling IPv6 alongside IPv4 will ensure our customers will continue to experience the same high levels of service they’ve come to expect from us, while at the same time rest assured that their network services are completely future proofed. Vtesse aims to be a forward thinking business, capable of providing an agile and responsive communications infrastructure; the IPv6 deployment serves to highlight this fact.”

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