Walsall Telecoms Company Causes Air Traffic Chaos over the West Midlands?

Cloud Net, the business phone company, are urgently contacting all their phone users after they discovered an error in the specification for their latest phone.

In common with most phone companies they have been working towards multi-functional phones, which include additional useful features for consumers and business users alike.

The Cloud Net management team had requested their engineers to include a laser pointer in their mobile 0104 DECT phone to enable PowerPoint users to highlight slides.

Unfortunately, the Cloud Net engineering team misread the request and in instead of producing a milliwatt laser to produce a small targeted light, the engineers installed a megawatt laser in the latest batch of phones which left their premises on 26 March 2010.

The mix up was discovered when a Walsall Cloud Net user used the phone at a business demonstration and produced a light so bright that it lit up the sky so that air traffic control across the Midlands was asked to divert all flights to Heathrow.

The megawatt laser is capable of downing planes at a range of twenty miles.

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