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Westcoast Spur on HP Channel Partners

Westcoast is spurring on HP channel partners to take a closer look at the HP Intelligent Management Centre as a means to make more margin and create closer ties with customers who are operating mixed network environments.
Launched in July last year, the HP Intelligent Management Centre is unique in the market in that it provides one single console for management of heterogeneous network environments including over 1200 Cisco products. Highly scalable, the solution has the capacity to manage 10,000’s of devices and help overcome pressing network challenges associated with projects like virtualisation and BYOD.

The technology puts HP as one of the forerunners in solutions for the Software Defined Network (SDN). At the heart of this is HP’s Virtual Application Networks (VAN’s) which allow rapid deployment of applications and virtual environments through a simple management strategy. Using the Intelligent Management Centre software, organisations can manage all three layers of SDN architecture: infrastructure, control and application.

Commenting on the solution Paul Kember (Channel Director) at HP says “from a single pane of glass an end-user can manage their entire network infrastructure – both wired and wireless. Having a single-tool means problems can be tracked down and resolved quickly, which results in 61% less downtime for the average customer. And with VAN’s, applications can be deployed in a literally a few clicks by bridging the gap between Virtual Machine orchestration and Network connectivity”.

Speaking on the solution Wesley Lawrance, HP Business Manager at Westcoast says “Westcoast and HP have seen a lot of success around the solution. We believe that there is a significant opportunity for HP partners to satisfy a genuine business challenge and deploy a very profitable solution in tandem. Almost every customer will have a mixed network and with a patchwork quilt of technology from edge to core they end up with too many tools to make management of the overall network efficient or effective. This tool does for networks what virtualisation has done for infrastructure”.

To draw attention to the opportunity Westcoast has created a novel infographic for partners to better understand the capabilities of the technology. It proposes that deploying the technology will help Network Managers achieve network immortality, likening the challenges these people toil with to the mythical legend of Hercules and the conquest of the 12 labours.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine