What your mobile phone really says about you

The iPhone means you are cool, owning a BlackBerry means you are a workaholic, and the country’s all time classic phone is the retro Nokia 3210, according to a survey by rightmobilephone, a UK mobile phone comparison.

Over 1,000 mobile phone users were quizzed to find out what they thought their mobile phone said about them, and to explore what people thought about the most popular phone handsets.

The most wanted mobile was the iPhone which came out top for both the coolest looking phone with 76% of votes, and the most popular phone to own with a 65% margin.

Most professional looking phone was a close draw between the iPhone and BlackBerry, with the BlackBerry just beating its more creative partner by 7% to the post to win overall with 57%.

When asked to choose a phone handset based on nostalgia, the Nokia 3210 came in with 89% of votes. The phone also came up on top as the most popular first ever mobile phone for consumers with 73% of all votes.

LG handsets were viewed as the most ‘girly’ of all phone makes with 61% of the voting and again the victorious iPhone as most ‘manly’ with 67%.

Neil McHugh, MD of rightmobilephone.co.uk said of the results: “In today’s society your mobile phone can say as much about you as the way you dress. Your mobile phone is viewed as much of a statement as your car is, with people quick to make assumptions about you and your character based on what handset you pull out of your pocket.

“It is no surprise that two of the market leaders are the iPhone and Blackberry with their huge hold on the market, along with the long term popularity of Nokia. It will be interesting to see when another handset manufacturer can overtake their popularity, but it is good to see the Nokia in there for nostalgic reasons!”

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