Wildix Expands Global Presence to the U.K.

Global PBX Vendor Wildix has expanded its global presence with the addition of its latest office in the UK.

Wildix CEO, Steve Osler comments “The addition of a UK office seemed like a natural fit to our expansion plans and shows our intent to establish a global product, before expanding into any country we analyse the market and address the unique proposition that each market brings, the U.K. differs from the channels where we are already strong and believe that it is an absolute requirement to have a local presence in order to establish the growth potential that is realised through the Wildix System.”

“This is a really exciting time for the UK communications market, until recently the focus has been on the announcement of ISDN being end of life, the focus should be on advancement of technology that increases productivity and not the retirement of a product, the way the Wildix system gives users access to features such as Web Chat and Video Conferencing including extending these features to fixed and mobile devices in a completely unified way makes this one of the strongest UC&C products available today” commented Ian Rowan, Wildix UK Channel Manager.

He continues, “Having a great feature set is only the start for the success of a product, delivering these features to users in an intuitive way that enables them to embrace new communications channels is an art and in that requirement Wildix has excelled, full collaboration features are available without the need to install any desktop software or integrate server hosted applications, users simply open a web browser and start using the full features of UC&, the ease of access is one of the key strengths of the product and as such the adoption and acceptance of users to the utilise these features is very high, that is one of the major strengths of Wildix and will be massive facture in its continued success to the UK.”

Wildix have chosen Channel-Live 2017 to be the first showcase of their product, Stand 614.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine