WIN’s Enterprise Communicator helps make the most of mobile

WIN, a provider of interactive mobile entertainment and information services, has announced the launch of Enterprise Communicator, a new web-based mobile CRM communications platform specifically designed to help its corporate customers communicate more easily and effectively with field service teams, branch offices and customers.

WIN’s Enterprise Communicator will help the company’s corporate customers interact with their own customers or staff using text messaging, multimedia (picture) messaging, voice push, email and other mobile communications services to relay information such as stock updates, delivery information, renewals or payment reminders.

In addition, the Enterprise Communicator will help WIN’s customers build interactive marketing campaigns, promotions and competitions and incorporates a range of features to measure campaign effectiveness.

The new web-based interface can also draw information direct from CRM systems either manually or automatically via ftp, and can use this information intelligently to communicate easily and effectively a whole host of service or support information.

Announcing the service, WIN CEO Graham Rivers said: “Our new Enterprise Communicator is designed to make things easier for our customers and better for their customers.

“Delivery and waiting time information, bank account transactions, travel information or the status of stock orders can all be sent using the Enterprise Communicator. It is a fast, accurate and reliable way to deliver customer or staff updates.”

Enterprise Communicator’s web interface makes for easy management and the platform is compatible with any CRM system that can handle Excel or CSV file formats. Automation is provided through the use of ftp simplifying even further the use of the Enterprise Communicator and messages can be sent direct to the mobiles of customers and field support staff via SMS, picture messaging, email or even voice.

Because it is web-based there are no large capital costs upfront for customers switching to Enterprise Communicator or from WIN’s previous Enterprise Manager platform. Customers can quickly begin to launch and run CRM information services using the platform. New service features are already planned to the platform and will also be seamlessly introduced.

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